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I recall having a mixture of emotions in the Spring of 2020. Especially on particular one day while I was at home furloughed one day a week. Waves of anxiety crashed over me, of how this pandemic will affect every aspect of my life: my family, friends, coworkers, patients, and I.. how will we be affected by this unknown threat? How do I cope when everyone looking to me to be strong and to have the answers? Afterall, I am a nurse. How can I support the staff on the units, staff I pass in the halls, & patients?

I sat at home feeling helpless and reflected on the positives:

Staff from all areas coming together to do whatever is needed to keep our patients and each other safe.

Their flexibility and willingness to roll with the waves of change as new information came to light was inspiring. Reminded me of daffodils dancing in the late winter wind.

The countless hours leadership spent here at the hospital and while at home figuring out plans of action, informing everyone with current (ever changing) updates, ensuring staff were cared for emotionally, physically, spiritually. The outpouring of support for the community, especially those beautiful handmade cards from local children.

All these memories, along with the sad ones, still bring tears to my eyes. We can celebrate those we have lost and appreciate what we have learned from this, especially that we are all one humanity.

“Daffodils emerge first

bloom after winter frost,

Leaves bend to nothingness

gloom of winter doomed,

Buds held tight,


Shower petals to the wind,


Written by Melissa Mayes

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