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FRIDAY JUNE 10, 2016

I returned home late Wednesday from the National Conference in Montreal, inspired and exhausted, processing all the information and relishing the experience.

The conference had great information that I am bringing back to my practice including updates in pressure injury classification, diabetic foot ulcers, pilonidal cyst research and negative pressure reimbursement updates.

At our regional conference on Monday evening, we introduced the members to our new logo:

All the regions and affiliates had to change their names and logos.  I am proud to say there was a bit of logo envy going around.  Ours was the most colorful in the group, and the best looking if I say so myself!  I also didn’t see other regions and affiliates sporting the polo and fleece tops the New England board had.

Other new benefits to members include a new scholarship application and more funds available for basic and members seeking additional education. Also in the works, we are looking into scholarships for members going to national conference.

We still have scholarship money available to members to go to Regional conference in the fall.  There is $2000 available to members who write articles for our online newsletter.  You don’t have to write a detailed in depth research study, write about your practice, where you work and what you do.  A “day in the life” or spotlight on your practice would add to our newsletter.  We would love to read about what you do.  Please contact Tina McDonald, communications chair with your article.

This Fall marks our 40th anniversary as a Region and there will be celebrating going on!  We are looking for volunteers for the 40th party committee, please contact membership chair, Liz Lemiska or myself to get the party started.  It will be epic!

It is an honor to represent such a dedicated and excellent group of professionals.  I look forward to hearing from you and looking for ways we can better serve you as a board.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Bridget Zern Mejza MSN APRN CWOCN


New England Region of the Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society

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