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NER WOCN's President's Message - February 25th, 2023

I came across a phrase the other day and thought …would it not be great to be involved in an organization that can inspire you to do great things and make a difference in people's lives?

“Embrace every good opportunity you encounter; some will get you informed; others will get you inspired…"

Isn't that why we all went into nursing, to make a difference. Joining a “community” with similar interests and goals can be a pathway to making a difference especially in what we do each day guiding and helping those with ostomies, wounds and incontinence. If family commitments get in the way of getting involved or perhaps time constraints with work and social gatherings prevent you from getting involved, then I challenge you each to vote for those people who can make things happen. Our region will be holding elections this year for President elect and Treasurer. I encourage you to vote for the person you feel best who exemplifies what you feel would be a good fit for these positions.

For those of you who were unable to attend our educational session last month, it was spectacular. Susan Hamilton did a fantastic job teaching us about the care of tubes and drains. She is an amazing speaker and a leader in her field caring for a neonate and pediatric population. Her talk pertained to all levels of care, speaking to my patients as one who cares for an adult population, I learned a lot about the care of Peg tubes and the difference in most tubes. Great Job Susan! I do believe we had quite a few nurses zoom in.

March 22nd will bring you another educational offering titled: Care of the Patient with Lymphedema: Dress to Compress by Gisele Castonguay. You will receive an email invitation for this session closer to the day of the event. I encourage you to join us for a topic that can pose challenges in care of our patients for most of us.

If you are fortunate to attend the National Conference this year in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by for breakfast with your region on June 4 th at 7am. Stay tuned for where we will be meeting.

This October will bring us back to Mohegan Sun October 20-21 for our annual Fall conference. We will be bringing you more information at a later date regarding speakers and agenda. This past year was amazing with our new venue and phenomenal speakers.

Well, I just wanted to connect back with you to let you know your board is working behind the scenes to bring to you education, networking and soon to be a website that has a new & improved look.

I encourage you to reach out to the board at New England Region WOCN with any questions, suggestions or just to say hello.

Donna Loehner President New England Region WOCN

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