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President’s Message

Dear New England Region WOCN Members,

I am so excited about New England Region’s new web site!  I want to thank Darlene Saucier and Brianne Velazquez for the hard work they put into it to create a beautiful and useful site to represent our Region.

Fall conference is coming upon us.  We live is such a naturally beautiful place especially in the Fall and we attract visitors from all over the world to witness the beautiful foliage we see from our front windows every day and rake into piles before the snow falls.  Our region is diverse as it represents urban areas, rural areas, shoreline communities mountainous regions, and everything in between.  We are fortunate to have WOC resources from all areas to share with each other.

This Fall conference the Region enlisted the help of Albrecht Events to assist with the conference this year.  They assisted with online registration, CEU management, online handouts and online conference evaluations, designing & printing of meeting materials and badges and the conference website.

This is a challenging time to be in health care.  I work at an institution that has been acquired twice in the past 5 years, endured a strike, a new EMR, layoffs, and changing leadership.  In my past 10 years as a WOC nurse and later as a nurse practitioner, the way I perform my duties is always under some kind of change.  What doesn’t change is the patients that come into our institutions and clinics that have skin, wound, ostomy and continence needs, and they continue to need help regardless of the name over our institutions.  We are fortunate to have our regional and national organizations to help us navigate change and to support one another to pursue our goal to take care of people in their times of need.

My time as president draws to a close after Fall Conference, and I am happy to hand the seat over to Mary Willis who has been a dynamic presence in the Region for many years.  I know she will serve the Region well.  In addition, I want to congratulate Lisa Orwonson as our new President-Elect.  I have known Lisa for several years as she and I both reside in Southeast CT and work in similar circles.  Lisa will also be a great asset on the board serving the members of our region.

I am so grateful to have been your president for the last 2 years because it has been an honor and a pleasure to serve an amazing group of professionals.  I want to thank you all for the support you have brought my way and will continue to share with Mary and Lisa.  Thank you all for making our Region a great support for the important work we do!


Bridget Mejza RN MSN CWOCN NP

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